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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit The Lodge at Bear River without an appointment?

Since The Lodge at Bear River is in a gated community, you will have to make an appointment for a tour of the Lodge and its facilities. That will allows us to show you all the facilities, both inside and out, that you may use for your celebrations. Any meetings with vendors involved with your wedding must also be prearranged.

What is included with the facility rental?

Use of our 1,800 square foot Adirondack lodge with vaulted ceilings, massive stone fireplace, attention to detail, and matching flagstone patio surrounding the lodge. A galley kitchen for heating, cooling and assembling food a catering company would bring in. A woman’s restroom with two stalls, and a single men’s restroom, both of which are handicapped accessible.Three lodge serving tables and a large buffet table. The lodge is nestled in the mountains along with the sight and sound of the Big Laurel Stream. Waterfront access for your wedding photos. A large stone fire pit for conversation under the stars. You have a choice of three outdoor ceremony sites, one of which is covered. The lodge can be used for your rehearsal dinner for an additional charge. The package also includes, shuttle parking, an event host that serves as a facilities manager, cleaning the day following your celebration, and trash removal. Lastly, staff to move the lodge furniture in and out of place, set up your rental tables and chairs, and at the end of the evening move all rental items to the back patio.

What is included in event hosting?
The event host serves as a facilities manager, and an ambassador for the lodge. They will be present on Saturday starting an hour and a half before the ceremony, and will close up the lodge.
How do I reserve my date?

Your date will be reserved once your signed contract and non-refundable deposit of half your package price plus tax in the form of a cashier's check is received

Do I need to purchase event insurance?

Yes, event insurance is required. It is designed to protect you and the lodge, in case of unanticipated injury. Insurance must be purchased from, on the internet. They will need to send a certificate to us.

Is the facility handicapped accessible and how does the shuttle work?

 Yes, the lodge itself and its footprint is accessible. On arrival, your guests will be directed to tell the driver to let out all of their passengers, and they will then follow the shuttle car a short distance down River Road to a meadow. The shuttle car will then bring you back to the lodge. The process to reversed to retrieve your car. The parking around the lodge is limited, and gets crowded quickly, so we ask that your guests use the shuttle.

Are there restrooms?

There are two full service restroom facilities in the Lodge. One restroom is for women, with two stalls, and the second restroom is a single for men.

Does the Lodge have A/C or Heat?

Yes, the Lodge is heated and cooled for comfortable year round event use.

Can The Lodge at Bear River furniture be moved?

The key is, that in order to protect the antique floor, only the event host will be moving the furniture . They will also be setting up your rented tables and chairs. If there is more than one set up, there will be an additional charge. 

What types of coordination are available?
Event hosting is included in your package. However, the day of coordinator required for package 2 is NOT included the package. There are coordinators listed on the trusted partner tab that you may use, but you are not limited to those vendors.
Who is responsible for set up of tables and chairs?
You will have staff on hand on Friday between 10:00 and 12:00 to move lodge furniture and set up your tables and chairs. If there is more than one set up there is an additional charge.
Who is responsible for clean up?

The catering company needs to leave the kitchen in good order, package up all leftover food, and gather up all the beverages before leaving. Family will take care of removing the decorations and personal items. Event host and staff will move rental tables and chairs to the covered area behind the Lodge. Lodge staff will do final cleanup the day following the event.

What staff will be available?

An event host, shuttle driver, and staff to move lodge furniture in and out of place, set up your rental tables and chairs, and place all rental items under the back overhang at the conclusion of your celebration

Are there lodge tables that can be used for cake, sign in etc?

There are four tables that must be utilized, and cannot be stored that have multiple uses.

What items cannot be used at the Lodge at Bear River?

 Any items that would cause substantial additional clean up or damage to the floor like stone with sharp edges, silk petals, rice, birdseed, or other things that are not biodegradable for the sendoff

Are dogs allowed at events?

Yes, if it is a service dog or it is actually in the ceremony. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking or vaping is not allowed inside the Lodge or near the doorways.

When are decorators, cake bakers, photographers, and the wedding party allowed on site?
Set up should be mostly taken care of on Friday. Event staff will be there between 10:00 and 12:00 am on Friday and an hour and a half before ceremony time on Saturday. Have your day of coordinator work out schedules with all of your wedding vendors.
Can items be left overnight after the reception?

Personal items cannot as the lodge will not be open in the morning. You will need to take all your personal items, decorations, and left over food, alcoholic beverages, and drinks by the end of the evening. For package 2 and 3, rentals delivered by your rental company will remain onsite, and the rental company will pickup on Monday. For package 1, rentals must also be removed by the bridal party the evening of the wedding.

What is the back-up plan for rain?

Receptions are always held inside the lodge, so you will have ample indoor and covered outdoor areas on your wedding day. There are several outdoor areas that may be appropriate for a wedding ceremony, and the backup plan for rain is to either have the ceremony under the portico or move it inside the Lodge. If you need to move at the last minute, you will need to rally your bridal party, family, or friends to make the switch.

Do you provide vendor suggestions?
Yes, through the partner tab on the website. You are not limited to those suggestions.
What is your cancellation policy?

No funds will be returned if your wedding is cancelled though you may re-schedule. If you choose another time initial funds received will be carried forward, and the remaining balance will need to be paid.

What about the rehearsal?
You have full access to the Lodge's facilities on the day before your celebration, and that includes having the rehearsal at the Lodge. If you want to hold a rehearsal dinner at the Lodge, there is an additional charge.
When must the reception be over?
The Lodge at Bear River is in a private gated community, and we want to be sensitive to the impact weddings and receptions have on the neighborhood. For Tuesday and Thursday, the sendoff needs to be no later than 8:00 with minimal noise by 7:30. By 9:00 we should be able to lock up the lodge. For Saturday, the sendoff needs to be no later than 10:00 with minimal noise by 9:30. By 11:00 we should be able to lock up the lodge.
What is your damage policy?
  • There is a $500 damage deposit in the form of cashiers check due to the one month before the event. If there are damages caused by any guests or vendors during the event, after discussion with you, we will return the balance of your deposit. If the damages exceed the $500 damage deposit you will be responsible for the difference. Of course, if there is no damage, you will receive your deposit back in full.

Am I charged for damaged rentals?

This will be between you and your rental supplier.

Can I bring in my own rentals?

Yes, you will need to rent or bring your own dining tables and chairs, specialty tables, ice, and a chest to keep it in, drinks, beverage dispensers, coffee urns, barware, glassware, china/disposables, eating utensils, and high chairs. Our go to company is Classic Event Rentals out of Asheville. You will need to work with your rental company to be sure your rentals are delivered when you need them on Friday.

Do I need to rent separate ceremony and reception chairs?

That is a personal decision. Most brides rent one set of chairs, and they are moved from the ceremony site to the dining tables. Guests generally do the moving, but it is best to discuss this with your day of coordinator.

Do I need a microphone for the ceremony?

For outside ceremonies this is something you might want to consider due to the expanse of the space and the sound of the stream below. Many times the DJ will provide this as part of their service. Any amplified music must be contained to inside the lodge itself. 

What are the caterer's responsibilities?
  • They will set up the buffet table if appropriate, serve and replenish, clear dining tables throughout the evening, pack up any left over food or beverages, and leave the kitchen clean. Your caterer must be insured and will be required to provide proof of insurance.


What type of bartending is allowed?

A licensed bartender that carries insurance is required. Oftentimes, the caterer will provide a licensed bartender and their insurance will cover the bartender.

  • Guidelines for Bartenders: The bartender will have the authority to refuse to serve guests that have consumed too much alcohol and must be supported in this by the wedding party. If this support is not forthcoming then the onsite event host will have the right to close the bar. All alcohol must be served through the licensed bartender. If guests bring in alcohol it must go to the bartender. The bar must close 30 minutes before send off.
What types of alcohol may be used?

beer, wine, and champagne

What non-alcoholic beverages will be available?

That needs to be arranged with your caterer.  You will need to provide your own ice and cooler or make arrangements with your caterer.

What about lodging?

A great source of information about accommodations in the Hot Springs area can be found at There are six vacation rentals within the Bear River Lodge community -the links can be found at the trusted vendor tab. There is also a Marriott in Weaverville and a Comfort Inn in Mars Hill. Both are about thirty minutes away.

Is overnight camping allowed?

No, but Hot Springs has a number of camping areas.

Who owns the lodge?

The Lodge at Bear River is owned by the Bear River Lodge Community Association and is used for community gatherings and private events. For more information about our community visit